Gas Services & Information

For your convenience, Charlottesville Gas provides a complete range of services from gas line installation to gas line repair. 

Note that Charlottesville Gas is only responsible for the gas line from the street to the meter. Any internal lines beyond the meter are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Delivered gas pressure to the customer will be 7 inches of water column. Higher delivered pressure (PSIG) is restricted to commercial and industrial applications and must be requested in writing (with appropriate justification) and is subject to approval by the Gas Engineer or designee. Limitations to PSIG service include, but are not limited to, external fuel lines (as in rooftop units) and appropriate appliance regulators with an internal relief vented to the atmosphere. 

  1. Who to Call?
  2. Documents
  3. Permits and inspections
  4. Cost Comparison of Heat Fuel to Natural Gas

Report an Emergency

Call Gas Dispatch at 434-970-3800 or 434-293-9164 to report a gas emergency 24/7.

General Operations

Call 434-970-3803 or email General Operations to:

  • Follow up on gas installation schedule
  • Relocate/remove existing gas service
  • Move existing gas meter

Utilities Outreach

Call 434-970-3812 or email Utilities Outreach to:

  • Learn more about rebate offers
  • Check availability of utilities service
  • Apply for a gas service line 

Utility Billing

Call Utility Billing at 434-970-3211 to:

  • Open a new gas account
  • Change the name on an account
  • Discontinue existing service
  • Begin service
  • Light furnace pilot light
  • Questions about your bill