Gas Safety

Detecting a Natural Gas Leak 

Look IconBlowing dirt, bubbling creeks or ponds, dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by green, live plants may indicate a natural gas leak.
Listen IconAn unusual hissing sound near gas lines or appliances may indicate a natural gas leak.
Smell IconNatural gas utility companies add a substance called mercaptan to create the familiar, rotten egg-like odor you associate with natural gas.

Take Action for Natural Gas Safety

Don't Touch IconDo not smoke, use a cell phone, flashlight, turn on or off any lights or appliances or operate any kind of vehicle or equipment that could create a spark.
Leave Icon
Leave the area immediately. Do not try to find or stop the leak.
Dial IconImmediately notify the City of Charlottesville-Department of Utilities at (434) 293-9164 or call 911.

Call Before You Dig - It's The Law

Whether you are installing an underground dog fence, running water to an outbuilding or digging for a new mailbox post, underground piping and other utilities can be damaged. When you call the toll-free number 811, all buried utility lines on your property will be professionally located so you can dig safely and prevent a potentially hazardous condition. The service is FREE of charge. For more information visit Virginia 811 or read our Virginia 811 Safe Digging Guide (PDF)

Carbon Monoxide 

As part of safe natural gas use, install carbon monoxide detectors in your home, and  create a family escape plan. If the alarm sounds, leave your home immediately and notify Charlottesville Gas from a neighbor's house, cell phone or building at (434) 970-3800 or (434) 293-9164. 

Flicker at Your Classroom Program

Flicker the Flame is Charlottesville’s natural gas safety ambassador. Flicker visits elementary schools and camps year-round to talk about natural gas safety. His free program is interactive and engaging. For more information, or to request a presentation, email Flicker or by contacting Utilities Outreach at (434) 970-3686.