Leaf Collection

2023-2024 Collection Service

The City collects loose leaves at the curbside for residents up to three times per season. Collection schedule and text alert sign up information is below. There will also be a drop-off option available for residents who wish to collect their leaves otherwise. The collected leaves are taken to a local farm where they are turned into compost that is used by area residents, farms, and landscaping companies.

Other Leaf Season Best Practices

  • Rake your leaves instead of using a leaf blower - this reduces noise pollution, prevents dust and dirt getting kicked up into the air, and saves fuel.
  • Mow leaves into your yard when cutting your grass, and let them decompose naturally into the soil.
  • Start a backyard composting pile to create nutrients you can use for gardening and landscaping in the spring/summer. Visit the Backyard Composting webpage for tips on getting started.

Loose Leaf Collection "How To’s"

Leaves brought to the curb - and left unbagged - will be vacuumed into a truck for collection and transport. 

  • Rake leaves to the curb as close to the first day of collection for your zone (and no more than 3 days earlier).
  • Have leaves ready and at the curb before 7 AM on the first service day for your zone.
  • Loose leaves should be placed at the street edge where possible. (See example images below.)
  • Only leaves will be collected. Do not include brush, sticks, yard waste, or other items in your leaf pile.
  • Do not park any vehicles on top of leaves. This can prevent the leaves from being accessed for collection and poses a fire hazard.

When placing your leaves at curbside for pick-up:

  • Do not block storm drains or fire hydrants.
  • Do no block vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian travel ways.
  • Do not block curb ramps or crosswalks.
  • Be mindful of your neighbors and the traveling public.

Curbside Leaf Piles - Examples of "Where Do I Pile My Leaves?"

With Street Parking

Leaf placement with street parking

With No Street Parking

Leaf placement with no street parking

With No Street Parking

Leaf placement with sidewalk

With No Street Parking

Leaf placement with yard and sidewalk

Not Sure Where to Place Your Leaves? 

Call our hotline at 434-970-3830, email us, or snap a picture and send us a Tweet @CvillePW with your question.

Loose Leaf Collection Schedule

Each area of the City will receive curbside loose leaf collection three times during the 2023-24 Leaf Season. A few streets will be collected on an enhanced service level basis due to a higher volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and space constraints. Multiple crews will be working around the City, zone by zone, on a rolling basis according to the zone schedule.

Text Alert Reminders

The City offers text alerts for the curbside collection service. Residents can review collection dates for their homes and choose to "opt in" to receive a reminder text the week prior to leaf collection for their address.   *Message and data rates may apply

Sign up by texting your street address to 434-771-0251

Collection Schedule Maps

Click the images below to open the PDF versions.

Leaf Collection

Leaf Season Mailing Insert 2023 (PDF)_Page_1

Leaf Collection 2023- 2024

LEAVES 2023 Public

Drop-Off Location

For City residents who opt not to use the curbside loose leaf collection service, a leaf drop-off location is available Saturdays, 10am-3pm during Leaf Season (October 31st - January 28th).  Please note drop-off leaf services will not be provided on December 24th and December 31st.

Additional Information:

  • Residents must place the leaves into a dumpster
  • No bags or containers are accepted
  • Residents would have to de-bag their leaves themselves
  • City residents only (no contractors or commercial entities)


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