Public Works

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide professional public works services to manage natural and built systems, and foster community health, safety, and sustainability.

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The Engineering Division provides design services, standards and regulations, and project administration to support the execution and oversight of infrastructure projects and services related to engineering plan reviews, stormwater management guidance, traffic engineering requests and information, and erosion and sediment control.
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Environmental Sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability Division is dedicated to environmental compliance, public education, and environmental sustainability and stewardship opportunities.
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Facilities Development

The Facilities Development Division of Public Works is responsible for the efficient and cost effective planning, design and construction of projects related to the approximately 50 City-owned public buildings and 9 City School buildings.
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Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance provides routine repair and preventive maintenance services for City-owned public buildings and City School campuses.
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Fleet  Management

Fleet Management Operations is responsible for providing a safe, reliable, and efficient municipal fleet.
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Public Service

The Public Service Division is responsible for maintaining streets and sidewalks, solid waste management, and servicing traffic systems.
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