Police Department


606 E Market Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902



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Crime Stoppers Tip Line

(434) 977-4000 

Administration Division

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Downey, Jessica Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police 434-970-3288  
Durrette, Latroy A. Major 434-970-3952  
Gore, Lieutenant Michael Internal Affairs Unit 434-970-3600 434-970-3888
Haney, Lieutenant Robert Internal Affairs Unit 434-970-3600  
Hatter, Captain Joseph L. Investigations Division Commander 434-970-3970  
Bittle, Holly Budget Analyst 434-970-3280  
Manzano, Sergeant Josh Midnight Shift Supervisor 434-970-3294  
Newberry, Acting Captain Tony Field Operations Division Commander 434-970-3273  
Stayments, Sergeant Ron Senior Citizens Community Liaison    
McKeown, Officer Kaitlyn Community Corner Liaison    
Knick, Captain Steve Administrative Division Commander 434-970-3037  
Wade, Sgt. Greg Internal Affairs Unit 434-970-3600  
Gibson, Sgt. Lee Traffic Unit 434-970-3936  
Sandridge, Cpl. Jeff Traffic Unit 434-970-3280  
Kochis, Michael Chief of Police (434) 970-3288