Mortgage Companies

Escrow Accounts

Citizens who maintain an escrow account with a mortgage company will receive a copy of their real estate tax bill. However, the bill should have the notation, If taxes are escrowed please verify payment with mortgage company.

Parcel ID

Mortgage companies use the parcel ID associated with your property to make your payment, and they are not affected by the tax software migration that occurred in September 2017.


If you refinance your mortgage, please follow up with your mortgage company to ensure that they request your real estate tax bill from the City.

Balance Inquiries

Use our online inquiry system to check parcel balances.  You will need the parcel ID and current owner's last name or business name.  Please note that bill images associated with invoices are copies of the original printed invoice.  Invoice balances are current as of the prior night's balance file.


Please keep in mind that the payment of your real estate taxes by a mortgage company is a private arrangement between you and your mortgage company. The City cannot legally intercede in this relationship. It is, therefore, the citizen’s responsibility to ensure that the mortgage information on his/her account is current and correct and to follow up with his/her mortgage company to ensure that payment is made in a timely manner.