Violation Fees

Violation Code
City of Charlottesville Ordinance
Fine Amount (If Paid Within 96 Hours)
Fine Amount (If Paid After 96 Hours)
Blocking Driveway (13)Section 15-129$20$40
Double Parking (06)Section 15-137$20$40
Handicapped Space (22)Section 15-133$180$360
Yellow Painted Curb (26)Section 15-136(b)$15$30
Park Further than 12 Inches from Curb (27)Section 15-136(c)$15$30
No Parking - 3 to 5 am Downtown (20)Section 15-143$10$20
No Parking - Designated Hours (19)Section 15-139$15$30
No Parking - Dual Wheeled Vehicle Overnight (21)Section 15-144$10$20
No Parking at Any Time (18)Section 15-138$25$50
Obstructing Traffic (24)Section 15-145$30$60
Overtime Parking (02)Section 15-140$20$40
Vehicle Occupying Part of Adjoining Space (28)Section 15-141$15$30
Parking in Loading Zone (07)Section 15-178 (d)$15$30
Parking in Permit Zone Without Permit (16)Section 15-204$25$50
Parking in Prohibited Zone (11)N/A$10$20
Parking on Sidewalk (25)Section 15-151$70$140
Parking with Left Side to Curb (05)Section 15-136(a)$15$30
Parking Within 15 Feet of Fire Hydrant (12)Section 15-129$25$50
Parking within 20 Feet of Intersection (15)Section 15-129$15$30
Violation of Meter Ordinance (01)Section 15-176$15$30
Other (09)N/A$15$30