Parking Equipment

Parking equipment was installed in June 2019, in the Market Street and Water Street Garages.

The system is similar to what you may be familiar with at other municipal facilities. When your car enters, push a button and take the ticket that is issued. When you are ready to leave, scan your ticket at any of automated pay stations. The machine will tell you how much you need to pay.

After you make your payment the machine will electronically update your ticket as paid. If you are at an exit the gate will go up and you may drive out.  If you make payment at one of the walk up pay stations, you only need to scan the ticket at the exit and it will be recognized as paid and the gate will go up.  Using the walk up pay stations makes the exit much quicker at the exit gate and is particularly helpful when the garage is very busy.  Anyone in line behind you will appreciate that you made your payment at the walk up pay station.


It is actually a very simple system. Just remember:

  1. Take a ticket to enter and keep it with you.
  2. Stop at the pay station and pay for your parking when you are ready to leave.
  3. Drive to the exit, scan your paid ticket and the gate goes up.

Additional Information

For comments and concerns regarding the operation of the Market Street or the Water Street Garages, email Lanier Parking or call 434-284-5620.