Rental Relief for the Elderly and Disabled

To qualify for the rental relief grant you must meet all the following conditions:

  • You or your spouse if you reside together must be age 65 or older, or be permanently and totally disabled as of December 31st of the previous year. 
  • Your combined income during the previous year of you, and all relatives living in the same home must not exceed the sum of $50,000. If you or your spouse is permanently disabled the first $7,500 of your income shall be excluded from your total household income.
  •  You and your spouse if applicable must have a combined net worth of $125,000 or less.
  • You must have paid rent for a dwelling within the City of Charlottesville during the previous year and were a resident of the city on December 31st of the previous year. 
  • The first $8,500 of income of each relative other than spouse shall be excluded.


You must apply in person at the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office in City Hall. The application period  currently runs from March 1st through May 1st each year. However, the application period is subject to change due to the ongoing Pandemic. All grant checks will be mailed to qualifying applicants in early December.

For More Information

For further information regarding rental relief for the elderly or permanently and totally disabled, please refer to Section 25-56 et. seq. of the Charlottesville City Code or call 434-970-3160.