Human Rights Commission

What is the Human Rights Commission?

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) is a volunteer group of individuals appointed by City Council to act as a strong advocate for justice and equal opportunity by providing citywide leadership and guidance in the area of civil and human rights. The HRC also reviews City policies and provides recommendations to City Council for changes in policy that promote and protect human rights. The HRC meets 1-2 times each month and welcomes members of the public to attend their meetings and raise community and systemic issues related to equity and human rights. 

A list of current Commissioners and their terms of service can be found on the Human Rights Commission's Boards and Commission webpage.

You can read detailed information about the role of the HRC in the Charlottesville Human Rights Ordinance. To view past and present versions of the Human Rights Ordinance, visit the Charlottesville Human Rights Ordinance subpage.

Meeting Information

The HRC holds regular  public meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30pm. The HRC also holds work sessions on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, as needed. Meetings are usually held in CitySpace (100 5th Street NE) and parking is available in the Market Street Parking Garage. Meeting attendees may request validation for parking. Check the City Calendar for changes in the schedule or location before attending a meeting. 

HRC meetings can also be watched live on several online platforms. Livestream broadcasts and recordings of past meetings can be accessed through the Charlottesville Community Media Center Streaming webpage.

Matters by the Public

The HRC welcomes members of the public to bring matters of concern related to human rights to the attention of the Commission by providing public comment at an HRC meeting. HRC meetings usually include two opportunities for in-person and virtual attendees to provide public comment. Each person will have up to 3 minutes to speak. 

Examples of public comment 

  • You suspect that a certain policy or practice related to a protected activity is leading to the systemic discrimination of a protected group 
  • You would like to provide input on a topic discussed by the HRC 

The HRC does not receive individual complaints of discrimination during public meetings. 
To file a complaint of individual discrimination, contact the Office of Human Rights or visit the Filing a Human Rights Complaint subpage.

Join the HRC

Individuals interested in serving on the Human Rights Commission should check for vacancies on the City's Boards and Commissions Vacancies webpage. Applicants are encouraged to review the Human Rights Commissioner Service Description to learn more about the time commitments and responsibilities of Commission service.

Remote Participation for Current Commissioners

Individual members of a public body may use remote participation instead of attending a public meeting in person if in advance of a public meeting the member notifies the Chair and cites a reason for remote participation that is in accordance with the Code of Virginia §2.2-3708.3.

If you are eligible for remote participation, please submit the Remote Participation Request Form prior to the meeting that you would like to participate in remotely. Please note that this form is intended only for current members of the commission. If you are a member of the public and would like to view a meeting, please see "Meeting Information" above.

HRC Work Archive

Below is a list of resolutions, letters, and other work by the Human Rights Commission since its establishment in 2013.

Human Rights Commission Governing Documents

Human Rights Commission Letters

Human Rights Commission Recommendations to City Council

Human Rights Commission Resolutions