Family Assessment and Planning Team

About the Family Assessment and Planning Team

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT), in accordance with the Code of Virginia, § 2.2-2648, shall ensure the Child Specific Team assesses the strengths and needs of troubled youths and families who are approved for referral to the team and identify and determine the complement of services required to meet those needs. Members are appointed by the Community Policy and Management Team. The FAPT includes a representative from the following agencies: Department of Social Services, Public Schools, Community Services Board, and Court Services Unit. The team also includes a parent representative and private provider representative.

The Charlottesville and Albemarle CSA programs are predicated on the use of Child Specific Teams that meet to discuss service planning and progress for a youth and/or family. These teams consist of the youth, family members, natural supports, agency case manager, community agency members, service providers, guardian ad litem, etc. The composition of the child specific team may vary from youth to youth.

The City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County hold separate FAPT meetings consisting of members representing agencies from each locality.  

Charlottesville FAPT Members:

  • Jim Gross (Chair)/Tiffany Polychrones, Community Attention
  • Christa Galleo/Kera Campbell, 16th District Court Services Unit
  • Amy Huml (Chair)/Ellen Krag, Region Ten Community Services Board
  • Doris Moore/David Vito, Charlottesville Department of Social Services
  • Pattye Leslie, Charlottesville City Schools
  • Cassie Winfrey, Private Provider Representative
  • Cheryl Parks, Parent Representative

Charlottesville City CSA Coordinator/FAPT Scheduler

Katie Ralston 
phone: (434) 970-3691
Charlottesville Department of Social Services
P.O. Box 911
Charlottesville, VA 22902. 

The FAPT meeting for Charlottesville City citizens meets virtually every Friday at 9:00a.m. This meeting is not open to the public.

Albemarle County FAPT Members:

  • Christa Galleo, Chair, 16th District Court Services Unit
  • Ashley Struzik, Albemarle County Schools              
  • Ellen Krag (Chair), Region Ten Community Services Board
  • Carol Fox, Albemarle Department of Social Services
  • Charlsie Stratton/Meredith Woodard/Lindsey Munson, Community Attention
  • Cheryl Parks, Parent Representative
  • Dana Scott, Private Provider Representative

Albemarle County CSA Coordinator/FAPT Scheduler

Jennifer Wells
phone: (434) 972-4011 x3836
Albemarle County Department of Social Services
1600 5th St. Ext., Suite A
Charlottesville, VA 22902

The FAPT meeting for Albemarle County citizens meets virtually every Monday from 12:30p.m. to 4:00p.m. This meeting is not open to the public.