As businesses reopen, it is essential that property management teams properly flush plumbing systems in buildings that have been unused, or underused, after a prolonged shutdown period. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has produced a set of guidelines for businesses to follow to prepare their facility’s plumbing system before reopening.

Charlottesville Water is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the City’s water distribution mains, water main valves, and fire hydrants, as well as the connection and disconnection of all water meters. Also, Charlottesville Water maintains water service lines from the water main to the water meter. As of 2020, there are approximately 1,100 fire hydrants, 3,400 valves, and 183 miles of water mains in service for the benefit of Charlottesville residents.

For an interactive map of all capital improvement projects within the City, please visit the online CIP Viewer.

The safety of your drinking water and the health of our customers and staff is our number one priority. The City of Charlottesville Department of Utilities wants to make it clear that COVID-19 does not affect the quality of your drinking water. The multi-barrier and disinfection processes like the ones we use to produce your water remove or inactivate viruses. For more information, read the Article from WaterWorld on COVID-19 from America’s three major water associations.  

Contact Information

Contact Utilities at 434-970-3800 to:

  • Report a water emergency
  • Report a water leak

Contact Utility Billing at434-970-3211 to:

  • Ask questions about billing
  • Disconnect/reconnect your water meter
  • Turn your meter on/off

Water System Details & Specifications

Water Quality Information

For water quality information, including reports, lead concerns, and water testing, please visit our water quality page. You can view the 2023 Water Quality Report (PDF)

The Department of Utilities promotes the wise use of this essential natural resource. For information about rebates and incentives that help you save water, including Rain Barrel Rebates and Free Water Conservation Kits, go to our Water Conservation Page.