Complaint Procedures

Charlottesville Area Transits (CATs) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Discrimination and Accessibility Complaint Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. It may be used by anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs or benefits by Charlottesville Area Transit. City of Charlottesville’s Personnel Policy governs employment-related complaints of disability discrimination.

Civil Rights Coordinator

Christina Downey is CAT’s designated Civil Rights Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing ADA complaints, investigations, and responses to complaints of discrimination based on disability.

Filling Out the Complaint

Complaints should be in writing and contain information about the alleged discrimination such as:

  • Address
  • Name
  • Phone number of complainant
  • Details of the alleged discrimination such as:
    • Bus and route number
    • Date
    • Description
    • Location
    • Time

Incomplete Information

Complaints with incomplete information may result in delayed investigations and responses. CAT cannot respond to complaints without complainant’s contact information (mailing address, phone or email).

How to File a Complaint


Alternative means of filing complaints, such as personal interviews or a tape recording of the complaint will be made available for persons with disabilities upon request by calling the Civil Rights Coordinator at 434-970-3313.

Acknowledgement of Complaint Receipt

Within seven days after receipt of the complaint, the Civil Rights Coordinator will contact the complainant with an acknowledgment that their complaint has been received and will be investigated.

CATs ADA Coordinator will investigate the complaint and respond in writing within 30 calendar days from receipt of the complaint. The response will set out a process for resolution of the complaint. If no action is taken, the response will state the reasons for the decision and the procedures for the complainant to appeal the decision. (CAT employee personnel files are confidential; therefore, specific information on disciplinary actions resulting from complaints will not be divulged.)

Acknowledgment of Complaint Receipt

To file an ADA Complaint with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) please go to the FTA website