Bidding Process

The City of Charlottesville’s purchasing process is a combination of centralized/decentralized system with set thresholds. The following is a synopsis of the procedure required at each designated threshold. 

Please note: All transactions with the City require either a purchase order or credit card purchase. Do not accept verbal orders-insist on a Purchase Order.

$10,000 & Less

Single transactions $10,000 and less do not require competition, although it’s always advisable. Departments can purchase directly using either a division credit card or a Purchase Order. The law deals in aggregate amounts for a specific project and spending over $10,000 in separate transactions of less than $10,000 each is a violation of City procedure.

$10,000.01 to $100,000 Goods & Services for the City

Quotes generally solicited directly by individual department. Three (3) quotes must be solicited in writing. Departments are required to submit received quotes to the Division of Procurement & Risk Management for review and approval before a purchase order is issued.

Over $100,000

Goods require, by statute in both the Virginia Public Procurement Act and the City Procurement Ordinance, a competitive sealed bid which must be done through the Division of Procurement & Risk Management. Non-Professional services require, again by law, a sealed bid or request for proposal. Professional services, which are only those services specifically designated in the law, require use of a competitive negotiation process.