Third Party Inspections

Fire Inspections

The Charlottesville Fire Prevention and Protection Code requires that Life Safety Systems and Fire Protection Systems shall be inspected, tested, and maintained at regular intervals defined by their respective regulating Codes. This is the prescribed form and format to file records of inspections, tests, or maintenance with the Fire Marshal's Office.

Sec. 12-32 – Local Regulations.

(11) Testing and Inspection reports

        (i) Testing, inspection, repair and maintenance required—fire protection systems and other life safety systems, whether required or nonrequired, shall be inspected, tested, repaired and maintained in an operative condition at all times, and in accordance with requirements set forth within the SFPC.  Itemized records of all system tests, inspections, repairs and maintenance required by the SFPC shall be maintained by the property owner on the premises of the system(s), and copies of such records shall be submitted to the city’s fire official as required by paragraph (ii), below.   

(ii) Reporting—It shall be the responsibility of any person (including, without limitation any individual or company) providing or conducting tests or inspections of fire protection and life safety systems for properties within the city to submit a copy of the itemized records of such tests, inspections, repairs, or maintenance to the fire official’s approved and designated web-based reporting vendor, within 30 days of the test, inspection, repair or maintenance.  With respect to inspections, testing, maintenance, repair, or replacement of fire protection and life safety systems, the term “itemized records” includes, but is not limited to: identification of the individual and company performing the inspection; a description of the inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, or replacement; when and where the inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, or replacement took place; and the results of the inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, or replacement.

        (ii)   Web-based reporting requirement—The fire official shall utilize a web-based reporting program which connects and engages the key stakeholders involved in fire prevention and community risk reduction, including: the governmental authorities having jurisdiction within the city, testing and inspection service providers, and property owners. Records, including reports of testing and inspections, referenced in paragraph (i) preceding above must be uploaded to the web-based reporting system designated by the city’s fire official. The web-based inspection reporting provider shall transmit said inspection reports to the city’s fire official, and to any other governmental authorities to whom such reports are required to be given.

        (iii) Every individual and company performing testing, inspection, repair or maintenance of any fire protection or life safety systems within the city shall be qualified (certified) and licensed, registered or otherwise authorized to perform such work or services within the Commonwealth of Virginia, and in accordance with applicable SFPC standards. The city’s fire official may reject any records or reports if the person or company providing the reports does not also provide the city with documentation of their current certification(s) and qualification(s) to perform such work or services.

Types of Inspections done by the CFD Fire Marshal’s Office

DaycaresGroup HomesAdult Care
Nursing HomesHotels, Inns, and B&BRestaurants
City-owned BuildingsHigh-hazard BuildingsAssembly/Event Spaces
SchoolsHoliday Inspections (mercantile)Hospitals
Breweries/DistilleriesLarge Multi-family ResidentialMulti-use Commercial Buildings


Businesses with fire prevention systems are required to schedule an inspection for these devices. Inspections are completed by a third-party contractor and submitted on their behalf to CFD through the IROL system.

The Fire Department is committed to reaching full compliance with our fire code. In an effort to collaborate with the Service Providers who Inspect, Test, and Maintain (ITM) Fire Protection Systems, all compliant and non-compliant system test reports will be required to be submitted, electronically, by your company through our new Web-Based Reporting System, (IROL), effective March 1, 2023,


Together, we will assist in timely deficiency remediation, educating our businesses on the importance of frequent ITM, and increasing overall system performance. 

IROL’s proven process provides benefits for our entire community:

  • Ensures the conditions and readiness of fire and life safety systems
  • Increases the frequency of repairs by addressing deficiencies
  • Provides increased education, awareness, and response by Business/Property Owners
  • Assists in ensuring licensed companies are performing quality ITM

There will be a nominal fee of $18.99 per submitted report. IROL offers additional fee options, and we suggest taking the time to learn more about their company, services and solutions through the available options enclosed in this letter or by contacting them directly.

Companies such as yours play a key role in both Prevention and Community Risk Reduction. The services you provide are helping preserve property and people. We look forward to working with you in helping build and maintain safe and resilient communities.