Meadow Creek Restoration

Meadow Creek, one of the city’s major waterways, underwent a significant stream restoration in 2012.  The goals of the restoration are a stable stream system and improved water quality, as well as enhanced aquatic habitat and aesthetic values.  The project built on the environmental initiatives being undertaken by the City and other groups throughout the watershed and serves as a demonstration site, providing educational opportunities to citizens and landowners. 

Project Fact Sheet

  1. Background
  2. Project History
  3. Restoration Work

Why Did Meadow Creek Need Restoration?

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has listed Meadow Creek and a segment of the Rivanna River downstream as ’impaired waterways’.  Impairment in these waters is due in part to excessive sedimentation from stream bank erosion.  Restoring Meadow Creek and enhancing and preserving the forested buffer and wetlands along the creek reduces sedimentation and filters stormwater runoff entering Meadow Creek and the Rivanna River.

Before Restoration

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