Outreach & Engagement

The Energy and Water Management Program (EWMP) supports efforts to help City staff implement energy and water efficient strategies and behavior in the workplace. The program uses education and outreach to City staff and those that utilize City facilities around what they can do and how their behaviors might have an impact on a buildings utility usage.  

There are two primary outreach audiences the EWMP are supporting involving City staff and Charlottesville City Schools. 

Outreach initiatives include checklists for offices to reduce their energy and water impacts, Better Business Challenge efforts for both City and School buildings, and partnership between the EWMP and Schools.  

Energy and Water Management in Charlottesville City Schools

Charlottesville City Schools and the City’s Energy and Water Management Team (EWMT) are working together to reduce the energy and water footprint of all City schools. On April 11th, 2019 the School Board approved an Energy and Water Performance resolution, showing a commitment to achieving and maintaining high performing school facilities. 

The EWMT is working with each school to raise awareness about energy and water saving practices through education and outreach efforts that include distributing educational materials and providing tips and strategies that students and faculty can use to reduce the energy and water impact at our schools.  

Each quarter a different theme emphasizes aspects of energy and water efficiency/conservation.

2022 - 2023 EWMP CSS Themes are Focused on Being an Energy and Water Saving Leader!

Fall 2022 (September - November)Why do you save

Why do you save?

You are told that saving energy and water is good for the environment, but what DRIVES YOU to save? Maybe it is having enough water for the food you eat and clothing you wear, having enough energy to power your favorite gaming console, or wanting to have these resources for future generations? It is important to think about your personal story as to why YOU save energy and water. Everyone’s story might be different, but the end goal is the same- Save Energy and Water! 

Tips for Finding out Why you Save: 

  • Find what motivates you to save energy and water 
  • Don’t forget the small actions like turning the water off when not in use or turn off the lights 
  • If you see something, say something 

Activity Sheet: Energy and Water Fall 2022 Activity Sheet (PDF)

Winter 2022-2023 (December - February)Charlottesville City School- Energy and Water Management Program- Winter 2022-2023 Example Tips

Develop your energy and water saving message.

We hope you had fun developing your Energy and Water Saving Story. This story should represent why saving energy and water is important to you. Now we want you to think about how to make a fun and informative tagline or message from your story to encourage others to save. This quarter we want you to create your own tips inspired from your Energy and Water Saving Story.


  •  Write your own tip inspired by your Energy and Water Saving Story!

Activity Sheets:

Spring 2023 (March - May)Energy and Water Spring 2023 Focus

Make your energy and water saving message be seen!

We hope you have a strong energy and water saving actions and message from our previous activities. Now, we want you to inspire others to save from your own energy and water saving story. How might we make our energy and water saving messages be seen? Start out creating your own personal reminder for your actions and then think bigger (computer ad)! How can you communicate your actions to the community through an ad or poster? Each one of you will bring your individual stories around the value of saving energy and water, and together these stories will bring us together as a community to work toward our Climate Action Goals!

Tips for Having your Energy and Water Saving Message be Seen:

  • Add your connection to the message to help show why saving is important
  • Make your communication simple, fun, exciting, and eye catching
  • Keep your communication grounded in an action you and others can do

Activity Sheets:

Summer 2023 (June - August)

Share your energy and water saving message.

Climate Action Activity Kits for Walker Upper Elementary Students!2022 Walker Climate Activity Kits Delivery

On May 24th, 2022, 370 5th graders at Walker Upper Elementary School in Charlottesville received Climate Action Activity Kits created by the Community Climate Collaborative and the Virginia Discovery Museum in partnership with the City of Charlottesville's Energy and Water Management Program. The kits were designed to help students gain a greater understanding of home water and energy use and climate emissions, while connecting families to local energy and water-efficiency solutions.

The kit included a climate justice art project, a plant-your-own garden kit; an in-school energy scavenger hunt; a grown-up guide with information on local rebates and energy efficiency resources,  a solar powered night light; and a water leak detection activity. Kits were offered in both English and Spanish.

The City’s Energy and Water Management Program was excited to help bring these Climate Action Kits to Charlottesville City School students. EWMP have been working with Charlottesville City Schools on ways students can save energy and water for over a year and a half, and having the opportunity to provide a hands-on activity to further support the program’s message is instrumental in getting students to implement change at school and at home.

You can read more about our programs joint efforts on the Charlottesville City School’s Energy and Water Management Program Page.  

Better Business Challenge

The City of Charlottesville and Charlottesville City Schools are part of the current Better Business Challenge being hosted by the Community Climate Collaborative. The hope is that this challenge will not only help improve the performance side of the many City managed buildings but also encourage involvement from staff and students to change some behaviors.  

Learn more about the Better Business Challenge on the Challenge Website

The City of Charlottesville was one of the 2020 - 2021 Better Business Challenge Winners (LINK)!

2021 - 2022 Turn Action into Savings!

Fall 2021 Activity Sheet

Now that you are back at school, it is time to take what you learned last year and apply it to your school!

Charlottesville City School Energy and Water Management Program 2021 Fall Focus Action Plan


  • Make and put up reminders in your classroom  
  • Make a schedule for your class including your actions 
  •  Make your actions easier to do in your classroom

Activity Sheet

Winter 2021 - 2022 Activity Sheet

Put numbers to your actions and calculate your savings at school!

Winter 2021-2022 Energy and Water Management Program Audit To Dos


  • Don’t forget to do your energy and water saving actions at home and at school.
  • Track your energy and water usage to find out your impact.
  • Small energy and water saving actions can still mean big savings!
  • If you see an issue like a water leak or a door being kept open, get help from a teacher.

Activity Sheet:

Spring 2022 Activity Sheet

Understand the Source!

Charlottesville City School's Energy Water Management Program Spring Focus Announcemet


  • Only Use What You Need
  • Turn to Renewables When you Need Energy and Water

Activity Sheets:

Summer 2022 Activity Sheet

Put Numbers to Your Actions and Calculate Your Savings at Home!

Charlottesville City Schools Energy and Water Management Program 2022 Summer- Activity Sheet

Tips & Reminders:

  • Don’t leave the water running: When you’re brushing your teeth, try not to keep the water running the whole time. Also, make sure you turn the faucet all the way off when you’re done to keep it from dripping.
  • Plants need water, too: If you have leftover water in your glass, don’t dump it down the drain- use it to water your household plants.
  • Unplug it: After you finish using an electronic, remember to unplug it if you do not need to charge the device. Electronics still pull energy even when left plugged in and turned off.

Activity Sheet:

2020 - 2021 EWMP Outreach Materials: Committing to Energy and Water Saving Actions!

Fall 2020 Activity Sheet

New school year, new commitment to save energy and water

Only Use What You Need: Turn off the lights & faucet when you are done!


  • Only Use What You Need: Turn off the lights and faucet when you are done!
  • If You See Something, Say Something: Report a water leak or an open door to an adult.
  • Reduce Our Energy and Water Waste: Use a reusable water bottle and unplug electronics when not in use.

Activity Sheets:

Winter 2020 - 2021 Activity Sheet

Put your knowledge into action- Pick an action that helps you save energy and water at home and at school!

Charlottesville City School Energy and Water Management Program Winter Outreach Action List (PNG)Tips:

  • Start off small: Pick a small action like turning lights off as you leave a room or turning the faucet off when scrubbing your hands with soap (or choose your own!).
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat: Do your energy and water saving action over and over again, each day!
  • Grow your action: Expand your action to save more energy and water by including your family!

Activity Sheets

K - 4th Grade: Energy and Water Winter 2020/2021 Activity Sheets for Lower Levels (PDF)

5th - 12th Grade: Energy and Water Winter 2020/2021 Activity Sheets for Upper Levels (PDF)

Spring 2021 Activity Sheet

How to make your new commitment to save energy and water stick so you remember to do your action every time!

General Announcement of CCS 2021 Spring Focus


  • Reminders: Use reminders such as signs or notes where you need to do your action.
  • Schedule: Schedule your actions into your daily schedule and make sure you give yourself enough time to do them.
  • Make it Easy: Set yourself up to succeed by making it easy to do your action over the energy wasting or water wasting choice.  

Activity Sheet

Summer 2021 Activity Sheet

Share and inspire others to save!

Review of the Energy and Water Management Program's School Year Tips

Share your creation with the Energy and Water Management Program or on social media (use the #CCSEnergyWater hashtag).

Activity Sheet

2019 - 2020 EWMP Outreach Materials

Energy and Water Management Program Fall School 2019 Poster message is around the value of water (JP

The Value of Energy & Water

  • Last one out? Flip the switch!
  • Turn the water off when not in use.

Energy and Water Management Program Winter School 2019 Poster message around understanding our energ

Understanding our Energy & Water Use

  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room
  • Make an effort to unplug personal electronics
  • Turn the water off when not in use
  • If you see a water leak or hear a running toilet, report it!

Energy and Water Management Program Winter Spring 2020 Poster message around reducing energy and wat

Reducing our Energy & Water Waste

  • Keep outside doors closed
  • Fill up your reusable water bottle with tap water
  • If you see a water leak or open outside door, report it!

2020 Summer Activity Sheet I Pledge to Save Energy and Water Image

Student Summer 2020 Activity Sheets

Use these activity sheets to help you take what you learned around how to save energy and water at school and apply it at home!

Energy & Water Management Outreach Materials