Charlottesville Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Administration Office


2023 Meeting Schedule:  3rd Thursday of Every Month5:30 to 8:30 pm




There are 9 members of this board (10 citizens, 1 school representative, 1 planning commission representative and 1 city resident student representative).

We are currently accepting applications.


3 years


The Advisory Board shall serve as the advisory body for the Charlottesville City Manager. The Advisory Board shall serve as a liaison to the Charlottesville City Manager between Charlottesville Park & Recreation  and citizens of the City of Charlottesville.  The Advisory Board shall consult with and advise said bodies in matters affecting Parks and Recreation:  Marketing, membership, planning, programming, promotion and other leisure services related to Charlottesville Parks & Recreation.

The Advisory Board is also responsible for inputting its long-range planning for resources for capital projects for rehabilitation, design and/or development for indoor/outdoor recreation.

Advisory Board Bylaws


  • Ned Michie - Chair
  • Denny Berry - Vice Chair
  • Jennifer McKeever, School Board Representative
  • Hosea Mitchell, Planning Commission Representative
  • Gusto Colom
  • Brian Casterline
  • Jeffrey Fracher
  • Jacqueline Webber
  • Sean Gallagher