Water Resources Protection Program

Charlottesville Water Resources Protection ProgramThe City has been working hard to develop solutions to address increasingly stringent stormwater regulations and manage the City’s water resources.  A Water Resources Protection Program (WRPP) is being implemented to address these challenges in an economically practicable and sustainable manner. The WRPP is designed to comply with federal and state stormwater regulations, rehabilitate the City’s aging stormwater system, address drainage and flooding problems, and pursue environmental stewardship.

The main goals of the WRPP are to address the following water resources challenges:

  • An aging and deteriorating stormwater system
  • A backlog of drainage and flooding projects
  • Decades of water resources degradation
  • Increasingly stringent stormwater regulations

Find out more about the City’s Stormwater Utility, which provides a dedicated source of funding to the WRPP.