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Communications and Public Relations: TV10 Community Bulletin Board Form

  1. Thank you for your interest in TV10's Community Bulletin Board! The Bulletin Board is open to government and non-profit organizations for the promotion of programs, events, and other information of interest to the Charlottesville community.
    Please provide the following information. If clarification is needed on the submission, those without contact information may not be posted.
  2. Is your organization a government or non-profit entity?
  3. When would you like your bulletin to be posted? Please note that postings may be active for 90 days. After the 90 days, the organization will need to resubmit the posting. For postings that are date specific, the removal date may be adjusted to match the event date.
  4. There is a word limit of 45 words. Please include any contact information you have for your event in the message.
  5. I acknowledge the following: (1) I am authorized to submit on behalf of the organization listed above. (2) Submissions are only accepted from government agencies or Charlottesville non-profit organizations, or local/regional non-profit organizations directly serving or benefiting the Charlottesville community. (3) Submissions are posted at the discretion of TV10 and may be removed or modified, as needed. (4) Community Bulletin Board postings may be posted for a maximum of 90 calendar days. Organizations requesting longer postings may submit multiple requests.
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