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Mall Vehicular Access Form

  1. Applicant Contact Information
  2. Description of Request
  3. Describe the location and/or address where vehicular access is requested.
  4. Include description and license plate information.
  5. I agree to the following conditions*
    1. A non-porous material will be placed under the vehicle. 2. Entry shall be made at closest access point and fire lane will remain unblocked. 3. Mall will be free of debris and cleaned before leaving. 4. Mall trash receptacles shall not be used. 5. Any damage caused by the vehicle is the onus of the permit holder. 6. The City is not liable for damages or injuries. 7. Permit shall be displayed in the windshield at all times.
  6. Responsibility to Obtain Permit*
    By checking you acknowledge a Street and Sidewalk Permit will be required for any closure impacting pedestrians on the pedestrian mall.
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