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Move out of Personal Property

  1. If you have moved out of the jurisdiction of the City of Charlottesville and registered your personal property with another jurisdiction, you can notify our office using this form.
  2. You must report any change of address to the DMV by calling 804-497-7100 within 30 days of the move. If the item is a boat, report to the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) by calling 804-367-1000. You also report the effective date of the move, if moving to another taxing jurisdiction in Virginia. If you have moved to another state, the effective date of the new title in your new state will be the ending date for taxation in Charlottesville.
  3. In some cases, where the move took more than 30 days ago or the taxation status in the new jurisdiction is not established, the City of Charlottesville shall require documentation of taxation and/or a registration in your new location before the City taxes can be adjusted.
  4. Some types of items are billed for taxes based on January 1st status and will not affect tax billing until the following year. These items include: boats, boat motors and mobile homes.
  5. In addition, some jurisdictions in Virginia tax only based on January 1st residence. In this case, the City will end taxation on the item at the end of the tax year during which the item moved to the new jurisdiction.
  6. Are you the owner of the item you are reporting?
  7. Are you subject to a tax based on the value of the item in your new jurisdiction or state?
  8. Are you subject to a local decal, registration fee or sticker that is different from your state registration?
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