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City of Charlottesville Youth Council Application

  1. Tell Us About Yourself!
  2. Personal References

    Please list the names of two adults (not related to you) who know you well (teacher, coach, employer, youth pastor, etc.). We may contact these people, so please be sure to ask them first!

  3. Commitment Pledge

    Please  note: while it is true that being a member of the Charlottesville Youth Council may "look good" on a resume or college application, we strongly discourage anyone who is joining solely for that reason. There is time and commitment involved. This is a group of youth who are committed to making a difference in our community, who want to have fun, learn about local government, have a voice and use it, and want to represent the youth of Charlottesville. 

    Please be aware of the following requirements of all members:

    • Attend monthly meetings of the Youth Council
    • Represent the interests of the student body of your school
    • Actively participate in meetings and projects - everyone's ideas are important!

    Your signature below constitutes a pledge that your responses to the questions in this application are accurate and entirely your work. In addition, you understand and will follow the requirements of the Charlottesville Youth Council if you are selected to represent your school, social group, community, and the City of Charlottesville.

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