Fire - How have Fire Department operations changed during Coronavirus?

The Charlottesville Fire Department is taking measures to protect our personnel to maintain the essential emergency services to our community.  Please consider the following changes:

  • All fire department facilities are closed to the public. In case of an emergency, call 911. For non-emergency matters, call 434-970-3240.
  • The Free Smoke Alarm Program will continue, but with modifications to reduce exposure to our limited number of firefighters. Residents needing a smoke alarm should expect firefighters to be wearing high levels of protective equipment when they enter your home, and they will maintain appropriate social distancing throughout the installation.
  • To protect you and our firefighters, we have modified our response to medical emergencies.  If you call 911, please be sure to answer the questions as accurately as possible.  When we arrive, you may see our firefighters and EMT’s in increased levels of protective gear.  Additionally, we may ask you to meet us outside the building.  These changes in our response reduce our staff’s risk of illness and increase our ability to serve our community.
  • The Charlottesville EMS Cost Recovery Program continues to function. No patient will ever be denied service based on their ability to pay, and residents face no out of pocket expenses for ambulance transport to the hospital. 
  • Remember, in many cases, when you are sick, you should stay at home and not expose yourself to other sick people in the hospital.  If you have a high fever and difficulty breathing, please call 911.  If you have a low to moderate temperature and cough, but no trouble breathing, it is likely best you isolate at home.  Call your health care professional for guidance.
  • Thank you for your continued support of the Charlottesville Fire Department.  We continue to provide top-quality emergency service to those in need.

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