What are the related Virginia Code sections?
  • Section 8.01-42.3  - Civil action for stalking
  • Section 18.2-60.3 - Stalking: penalty
  • Section 18.2-60.4 - Violation of protective orders; penalty
  • Section 18.2-119 - Trespass after having been forbidden to do so; penalties
  • Section 18.2-308 - Personal protection; carrying concealed weapons; when lawful to carry
  • Section 18.2-308.1:4 - Purchase or transportation of a firearm by persons subject to protective orders: penalty
  • Section 19.2-11.01 - Crime victim’s and witness rights
  • Section 19.2-11.2 - Crime victims’ right to nondisclosure of certain information; exceptions: testimonial privilege
  • Section 19.2-152.8 - Emergency protective orders authorized
  • Section 19.2-152.9 - Preliminary protective orders
  • Section 19.2-152.10 - Protective order
  • Section 19.2-368.2 - Definitions

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1. What are Protective Orders?
2. Where is the Magistrate’s Office located and how do I contact them?
3. Where is the court located?
4. Is there anyone else I can talk to if I have questions or I am in fear of the person committing these acts?
5. What should I bring to court with me?
6. What should I not bring to court with me?
7. Who should I bring with me to court?
8. What should I do if I feel I am in immediate danger?
9. What should I do if I do not understand or speak English?
10. What if I have a physical disability?
11. Where can I park?
12. What are the related Virginia Code sections?
13. What do I do after obtaining an Emergency Protective Order?
14. What should I do with the order?