Can I file and pay online?

You may file and pay the following business taxes online by visiting our Online Business Tax Portal at

  • Business License
  • Meals Tax
  • Lodging Tax
  • Short-Term Daily Rental Tax
  • Business Tangible Personal Property Tax (or Machinery and Tools)

Please familiarize yourself with the instructions and screens before proceeding to the portal itself.

If you have questions, call 434-970-3170 or email

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1. What is considered a “restaurant”?
2. What is considered a “meal” that is subject to the Meals Tax?
3. How is meals tax filed and assessed? When is Meals Tax due?
4. Can I file and pay online?
5. What is the Seller’s Discount?
6. Does the meal, or prepared food, have to be consumed on the premises of the business where it is purchased to be taxable?
7. Does a caterer have to collect and remit Meals Taxes to the City of Charlottesville?
8. Are beverages such as soda, beer, water and others that are in a can, bottle or other factory sealed container subject to the meals tax?
9. Are there any exemptions to the Meals Tax?
10. How do I claim exempt sales?
11. Examples of documentation:
12. Are gratuities subject to the Meals Tax?