What other options do I have?
  • Microsoft Teams is a tool that you can use to communicate and collaborate online with City employees. 
  • Zoom should be used when hosting a meeting when participants who are not City employees are involved, or when other participants do not have access to email. If you need to host a public meeting or webinar please contact Brian Wheeler, Director of Communications.
  • WebEx is another tool for conducting meetings with external parties, and is available for directors and managers. Please request an account from Help Desk.
  • CenturyLink Conference Bridge is available for audio-only meetings, primarily as a backup for the other two options. Each department has already been assigned a conference bridge and has been sent the information for using it. If you don’t have that information, please contact the Help Desk.

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1. What other options do I have?
2. What if I need to conduct an interview? A series of interviews?
3. Can I still use WebEx?