How do I vote?

A college student votes in the same manner as any other registered voter: you may vote in person on Election Day or, if eligible, by absentee ballot.

Students (and their spouses) attending a college or university outside of the locality where they are registered to vote are eligible to vote by absentee ballot.  For Charlottesville-registered students, this includes UVA and PVCC (which are both primarily in Albemarle County).

Absentee votes may be cast in person in the locality where the student is registered, either in person or by mail. In-person absentee voting in our office begins 46 days before Election Day and continues through 5:00 pm on the Saturday preceding Election Day.  It is the easiest, quickest and most certain and secure way to vote absentee. For more information on IN PERSON or mail absentee voting, please see our Absentee Voting page .

Students registered in another state may wish to visit the U. S. Election Assistance Commission’s website  for election information specific to their state, district or territory.

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