Who owns the devices (i.e. scooters and bikes)?

These devices belong to private companies. If there are questions, concerns or complaints, please contact the operator directly. Veoride’s contact number is 855-VEO-2256 and this information is visible on the device. As a condition of their permit, once the company is notified of an issue, they are required to rectify the situation in 1 hour.

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1. If I want to rent a scooter or e-bike, how do I do it?
2. Where can I ride?
3. Where should I park at the end of my trip?
4. Do pedal bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters have different traffic laws?
5. Do I have to wear a helmet?
6. Can I ride from Charlottesville into neighboring municipalities or vice versa?
7. Who owns the devices (i.e. scooters and bikes)?
8. Are these devices legal in Charlottesville?
9. Are these scooters and bikes part of the Ubike program?
10. What is the top speed of these devices?
11. How many devices are in Charlottesville?
12. What can I do if an bicycle or scooter is left on my property and I want it removed? How about if either is left blocking a sidewalk?