Who may obtain residential zone permits?

Residents of most affected households may obtain permits by application through the City Treasurer’s Office (970-3146; City Hall, 605 East Main Street, 1st floor). Please call the Treasurer’s Office in order to determine the necessary proof of residency and vehicle ownership requirements. However, certain specified multifamily households, such as apartment buildings, may have to apply for permits through an owner/ agent designated by the property owner. Again please call 970-3146 for details regarding specific addresses.

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1. Why did the city enact the residential zone permit program?
2. Who may obtain residential zone permits?
3. What documentation do I need in order to obtain a zone parking permit?
4. How much do permits cost?
5. How many permits are available for each address?
6. If I move away from a permit address, can I return my permit?
7. Can I purchase a permit to park on a particular street in order to walk to work or class from that street?
8. Can I use a guest permit if all the available residential permits have been purchased for my address?
9. Where does a residential permit allow its holder to park?
10. Where on a vehicle should residential permits be displayed?
11. What is the fine for parking in a residential zone permit area without a permit?
12. What should I do if I lose my permit?
13. What should I do if I need to replace my permit?