What pre-employment checks does the City conduct?

In accordance with federal, state, and local law, the City of Charlottesville conducts job related background checks and pre-employment drug tests of applicants who reach the final stages of the employment selection process. Background checks may include but are not limited to: confirmation of education, training and experience; criminal history; credit history; driving records; and reference checks, and are dependent on the nature of the position sought and the public duties associated with such position.

Applicants will be asked to sign a release authorizing the City to conduct the necessary background checks for their position. For certain positions, a conditional offer of employment may be made prior to completion of a drug test and all applicable background checks. All applicants who receive a conditional offer of employment with the City will be required to pass all of the pre-employment background checks including a pre-employment drug test. A decision as to whether the offer will be confirmed shall be made after the results of the background checks and drug test are reviewed.

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