Housing Advisory Committee


Every 3rd Wednesday, 12pm in Basement Conference Room of City Hall


21 total; 4 Council appointments (developer, banker, neighborhood association, citizen at-large) and reps from City Council; AHIP, PHA, Habitat for Humanity, CRHA, CAAR, School Board, Free Enterprise Forum, PHAR, QCC, JABA, Planning Commission, Region Ten, TJAC for the Homeless, Albemarle County (non-voting); U. Va. Off-Grounds Housing (non-voting); IMPACT (non-voting).


2 years (4 term limit)


Provides City Council with recommendations regarding housing policy and affordable housing funding priorities; researches and discusses trends and ideas in affordable housing across the state and nation and ways Charlottesville can implement some of those new ideas.

City Representatives

  • Michael Cusano, Neighborhood Association
  • Philip d’Oronzio, Banker
  • Gary Palmer, Developer
  • Michael Payne, City Councilor
  • L.D. Perry, Citizen At-Large