Moving in or out?

  1. Moving in/ Starting Service
  2. Moving out/Stopping Service


Residential customers can apply online or by calling us at 434-970-3211. Please do not call more than 30 days before you want the service to begin. 

Under certain conditions, we may require you to come into our office, show I.D, sign an application, and pay your deposit (or bring a letter of credit) and service charge. We may require a copy of your lease. We are located in City Hall on the 1st floor. City Hall is on the corner of 7th and E Main at the east end of the Downtown Mall.

You can write us a letter or send us a fax 434-970-3212 (no more than 30 days in advance). Please include your name, social security number, the address where you would like service, the date you want service, and a daytime phone number.


Businesses can apply online or by calling us at 434-970-3211. Please do not call more than 30 days before you want the service to begin.

Deposits and Charges

If you have had service with the City of Charlottesville more than two years ago, or are a first time customer, you must pay a deposit, or you may provide us with a letter of credit from another utility company. The letter must be from a company where you had service for at least one year in the past two years.

If you have previously had service with us within the last two years for at least a year and have good credit, we do not require a deposit. You will still be required to pay a service charge

Charges and Deposits at Start of Service

Service ChargeNext Day
Same Day*

Deposit for WaterResidential
$75.00 (minimum)

Deposit for GasResidential heat
Residential non-heat
$250.00 (minimum)

* Only if it is available.

** The deposits for commercial gas and water customers are based on usage at the property and what the gas or water will be used for. Commercial accounts cannot be put in the customer’s personal name to avoid paying the deposits.

Landlord Owner Allocation Agreement

The Utility Billing Office offers landlords an owner allocation option, which will allow landlords to have billed for service revert to their names once a tenant has initiated service termination. With this program, service interruption does not occur, so that the property manager can use water and gas services in preparation for new tenants.

If you would like to sign up for this new service,  print and complete the application (PDF), and mail it to:

P.O. Box 591

Charlottesville, VA 22902-0591