Real Estate Tax Relief

  1. Elderly & Disabled
  2. Disabled Veteran
  3. Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program (CHAP)

In order to reduce the number of applicants required to visit City Hall, applicants who were approved for this program in 2020 can have their income and net worth information automatically rolled over for the current year (2021) application. In other words, if you were approved for real estate tax relief last year (2020) and wish to avoid coming to City Hall or applying online, please contact our office at 434-970-3160. You will be asked to verify your identity and affirm your intention to re-apply for 2021 using LAST YEAR'S data. 

Real Estate Relief for the Elderly & Disabled

If you own and are living in your home in the City of Charlottesville and are 65 years of age or older, or are permanently disabled, and have a yearly income of $55,000 or less and a net worth of $125,000 or less, you may qualify for Real Estate Tax Relief. Net worth excludes the fair market value of the home in which you live.

The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office begins taking applications on February 1 each year. The deadline for application is March 1.

For 2021 the Commissioner of Revenue's office is offering the ability to apply for Real Estate Tax Relief online. Before you apply please have all of your income documentation, asset documentation, and identification information in electronic format so that you may easily upload it during the application process. 

Apply for Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly & Disabled Online


For More Information

For further information regarding the Charlottesville Housing Affordability Program, Real Estate Relief for Elderly or Disabled, or Disabled Veteran’s Real Estate Tax Exemption, please call 434-970-3160.