Bus Shelter Project

CAT seeks to develop a bus shelter design that will serve as a unique and universal identifier of transit in the Greater Charlottesville Area.

Your feedback is crucial to this project! Please take time to review the details of our project below, tell us your preferred shelter design, and submit any questions you may have. After reviewing your questions, a CAT representative will provide you with a response. Together, we can help make transit in Charlottesville more accessible and recognizable!

Shelter 1

Shelter 1

Shelter 2

Shelter 2

Shelter 3

Shelter 3
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Project overview

Phase 1

A focused design charrette/visioning exercise was held in early August 2021 with stakeholders representing the City, Albemarle County, CAT and VDOT. The goal was to obtain input of conceptual ideas of bus shelters and their components, taking into account the surrounding historic and architectural context of the area.  This resulted in the generation of three conceptual shelters, expressing the consensus of the stakeholder group. 

Phase 1 Cont.

A public presentation of three (3) shelter concepts will bring stakeholders together to review and comment on shelter design options developed in the visioning sessions.  Once “valued added” comments are obtained, CAT’s Architectural Consultant will refine the shelter concepts into a single, highest rated concept.

Phase 2

A follow-up round of presentations will commence, gaining final comments from stakeholders on the selected concept. Upon stakeholder approval, the next step is the technical development of fabrication plans and specifications. After development is complete, the construction and installation of selected bus stop locations in the Greater Charlottesville/Albemarle County area will begin.

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CAT Bus Shelter Project Public Presentation Cover

Bus Shelter Project Feedback

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