COVID-19 Municipal Utility Relief Program

The City of Charlottesville received Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funds to pay towards utility relief for customers whose accounts are past due as a result of financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (CARES Utility Relief Funds). This program is only available to eligible residential and non-residential customers who receive Water, Wastewater, and Natural Gas utility services from the City of Charlottesville. These funds do not apply to other types of utilities, localities, or other utility providers. 

The City sent letters to all customers whose accounts meet the requirements to receive relief funds. Only customers who have received one of these letters are eligible for this program. If you have not received one of these letters, your account does not meet the program's requirements, and your intake form will not be considered.          

Please be aware that the amount granted to each past due account will be calculated based on the number, and past due balances, of the accounts for which customers complete intake forms. Submission of an intake form does not guarantee that any, or all of a customer's account arrearages, will be offset by CARES Utility Relief Funds. 

Please submit a Residential Intake Form for household accounts.  

Please submit a Non-Residential Intake Form for commercial or nonprofit accounts.

If you require assistance completing your intake form, or would like a paper copy mailed to you, please contact Utility Billing at 434-970-3211 or email