Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan contains five high level citywide goals that provide the longer term direction of the City and tell us what must be accomplished for our mission to be achieved and to move closer to realizing our vision. There are several objectives under each goal which are statements of what we must do well or barriers that we must overcome to achieve a specific goal.

Department Performance Measures

Aligned with each of the five goals and the objectives under each of those, there are performance measures. Measures represent a means of objectively assessing results. Measuring results provides evidence about how well we are meeting the stated outcome goals and objectives. Therefore, the measures should be directly related to the outcome goals and objectives. Measures should provide meaningful information that is both quantitative and qualitative and good performance measures lead to making good business decisions and make it possible for an organization to demonstrate accountability for results. At the goal level, outcome measures are used to evaluate progress and goal attainment. At the objective level, intermediate measures may be departmental indicators used to measure progress and attainment of objectives.

It is also critical that the City's Strategic Plan align with how resources are spent and the annual Adopted Budget illustrates the alignment between the allocation of resources and the strategic plan goals and objectives. This is done for both new funding initiatives and existing ones that are in place and ongoing. Throughout these documents, icons indicate alignment between strategic plan goals and departments/programs. For more information on the City's budget and the process, visit

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