Charlottesville Economic Development Authority (CEDA)


Charlottesville Economic Development Authority (CEDA)

The Economic Development Authority of the City of Charlottesville was created by ordinance of the City Council in 1976, pursuant to provisions of the Industrial Development and Revenue Bond Act.  Seven directors, serving staggered four year terms, work closely with the Office of Economic Development to serve the business community of the City. 

The Charlottesville Economic Development Authority (CEDA) was established to promote economic development in the community, to expand the local tax base, and to encourage more job opportunities for our citizens.  CEDA uses its bond authority as a source of tax exempt financing for manufacturing and charitable organizations.  CEDA may, on occasion, pursue special projects in conjunction with the private sector including acquiring, owning, leasing, or disposing of property in order to promote economic development.

The Authority meets regularly at 4:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the City Council Chambers, 605 East Main Street, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902.  Meetings are open to the public.

The March meeting is scheduled to take place Tuesday, March 14th at 4:00pm. Click HERE to see the agenda.

Board Members

Tara R. Boyd, Chair
Carolyn Shears, Vice Chair
G. Reid Young
Ethan Dunstan
Adrian Felts
Paul Beyer