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Speaker #: NAME TOPIC
1 Jeffrey Sands August 12 rally
2 Shannon Ellis July 8, August 12 rallies
3 James McKinley-Oakes Civilian oversight of police department
4 Elaine Poon Saturday, July 8 event
5 Lena Seville Police aggression
6 Don Gathers City of C'ville
7 James Dyer general
8 Susie Hoffman proposed building at Rose Hill Dr.
9 Peter Kleeman zoning
10 Audrey Wittrup Domestic Terrorism - Aug 12 rally
11 reserved for meeting sign-up
12 reserved for meeting sign-up
13 reserved for meeting sign-up
14 reserved for meeting sign-up
15 reserved for meeting sign-up
1 Caroline Klosko Police on July 8 / Aug 12 rally
2 Shawnee West permit for Alt. Right
3 John Heyden not answered
4 Blaise Gaston Rescinding permit for White Supremacists
5 Wes Myhre police response to Klan rally; Aug 12 rally
6 Mark Heisey rescind Aug 12 permit
7 Roberta Bell Williamson Police action on July 8
8 Mal Anna police brutality
9 Larry Engle Aug 12 event
10 Mieke Zylstra permit application process
11 Cali Gaston White supremacists on Aug 12
12 Katherine McNamara state police actions on July 8
13 Signe Clayton July 8, August 12 rallies
14 Rev. James McReynolds Aug 13 alt-right rally
15 Sally Williamson July 8, August 12 rallies
16 Rowan Hollins public safety
17 Tom Bowe Kellytown neighborhood request: traffic study
18 Mary Bauer police response to July 8 event
19 Kali Cichon August 12 rally permit
20 Jason Kessler not answered
21 Samantha Peacoe rescind the alt-right rally permit
22 Claire Guthrie Gastanaga police response at July 8 protest
23 Bill Emory Woolen Mills
24 Donna Price renaming Confederate places
25 Lee Bloch Rescinding permit for White Supremacists
26 Maya Treatment of protesters; revoke August 12th permit
27 Jeanne Peterson KKK and Alt Right rallies
28 Nancy Deutsch public safety on August 12
29 Andrea Massey Unite the Right rally
30 Katrina Turner revoke permit for August 12 rally
31 Nic McCarthy racial justice
32 Ariel Billmeier traffic study - Greenleaf center
33 Jordan Leahy Police tactics on July 8
34 Stu Mills McIntire Skate Park
35 Jalane Schmidt police force at KKK rally
36 Jojo Robertson Rescinding permit for White Supremacists
37 Marc Mazique rescind the permit for "Unite the Right" rally
38 Sara Tansey revoke permit for August 12 rally
39 Luke Harms resistance and repression
40 John Frazee zoning and neighborhood engagement
41 Claire Hitchins revoke permit for August 12 rally
42 Eric Hurt Woolen Mills
43 Kim Rolla law enforcement actions on July 8
44 Brandon Collins August 12 rally
45 Mimi Arbeit revoke permit for August 12 rally
46 Angela Ciolfi police violence against protesters
47 Sara Brickman Police Violence Against Activists on July 8th
48 Phil Wilayto July 8, August 12 rallies
49 Brenda Castaneda police interaction at KKK rally
50 Brittany Caine-Conley community safety
51 Gloria Beard not answered
52 Kevin Cox walking in Charlottesville
53 Brian Cameron permit for Unite the Right rally
54 Grace Aheron public safety
55 Amanda Wibberley police intimidation of activists
56 Emily Gorcenski public safety

For a complete list of speakers for each meeting please refer to the City Council minutes, or contact the Clerk at clerk@charlottesville.org or (434) 970-3113.

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Colleen Keller
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Benjamin Randolph
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Jalane Schmidt
Jalane Schmidt
Jalane Schmidt
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