Speaker List

MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC - March 20, 2017
Speaker #: NAME TOPIC
1 Richard Lord Resoution, re: Charlottesville stance on Trump
2 Karen Stephens  
3 Ian McNett pedestrian safety
4 John Heyden  
5 Dan Saint Veterans for Peace
6 Benjamin Randolph SUP for 1011 East Jefferson Street
7 Nancy Carpenter housing
8 George Worthington JABA's pilot programs for dementia care
9 David Swanson Resolution proposed for City Council
10 Paul Nelson Homeless shelter, PACEM
11 reserved for meeting sign-up
12 reserved for meeting sign-up
13 reserved for meeting sign-up
14 reserved for meeting sign-up
15 reserved for meeting sign-up

1 Adele Roof resolution to oppose the Trump budget
2 Meredith Richards announce upcoming forums on understanding govt
3 Missy Wernstrom Cherry Ave Small area plan






For a complete list of speakers for each meeting please refer to the City Council minutes, or contact the Clerk at clerkofcouncil@charlottesville.org or (434) 970-3113.