Organizational Values



We value innovation in the pursuit of excellence. We are a solution-oriented, problem solving organization. We share ideas and use collaborative strategies to achieve efficient, effective, community-focused results.


We lead with commitment, dedication, and the pursuit of sustainability. We balance the needs and interests of all in our decision making. We clearly communicate our vision and goals throughout the organization. We foster an organizational culture that encourages strategic thinking, initiative and strong performance.


We are accountable to the community for our work. We act ethically and build public trust at all times. We foster open, honest, and direct communication. We are committed to effective stewardship of the City’s natural resources and community assets. We perform our duties with attention to fairness, consistency, laws, and policies.


We appreciate differences and seek diverse input in our public processes. We are inclusive within the organization and in the community. We promote diversity and equity and are mindful of the culture and history of our organization, the City and our community.


We provide excellent services. We are responsive to requests and seek to implement the most effective approaches to our work. We follow best practices, and we measure the outcomes of our performance. We provide accurate and timely delivery of services.