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What are Real Estate Assessments?

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Real Estate Assessments are required by the Codes of Virginia and the City of Charlottesville to be at 100% of fair market value.  Assessments are made each year by the City Assessor's Office and are effective January 1.

The tax rate is set by City Council in the spring of each year. The formula to calculate your taxes is as follows:

(Assessment/100) X (Tax Rate) = Annual Taxes

Example: Tax Rate -- $0.95 per $100

Property Value -- $100,000

($100,000/100) X .95 = $950.00 Annual Taxes

Semi-Annual Tax Bill: $950/2 = $475

City taxes are paid twice a year to the City Treasurer's Office and are due on June 5 and December 5.  For information concerning tax collection and penalties contact the City Treasurer's Office at  434-970-3146.  The City also offers tax relief for elderly and disabled who qualify under the tax relief program and low to middle income homeowners who qualify for the Charlottesville Homeowner relief program.  The tax relief programs and personal tax information are administered through the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office at  434-970-3160.  The City also offers a complete listing of city streets located on the Commissioner of the Revenue's City Street List page.  Also, pertaining to any zoning questions address them to the Neighborhood Development Services at 434-970-3182.

If you have Real Estate Assessment questions:  you can call us at 434-970-3136 or stop by the Assessor's Office in City Hall Room 320 on the third floor located at the east end of the Downtown Mall.  Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.